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Brand New Blog!!!

I am so excited to finally announce my brand new blog! I have been working on it so hard, and I love how it turned out. I kept trying to make this site work but was never really thrilled with the look of it...so I just made a new one somewhere else! You can find my new blog at the super simple address of: cassidydawn.com/blog. Much better, right?!

I hope you like it! Be sure to bookmark that site because that is where all new posts will be...now what are you waiting for? Go check it out!!!

Brand New Blog!!!


Christmas is coming.

So, are you almost ready for Christmas???
I haven't bought a single gift yet this year (we are planning on doing that this evening). The strangest part...I am not stressing about it. I've been thinking so much this year about Christmas and all the traditions that go into it. For me, it's lost it's focus. It's become so much about "I need to get one more gift", or "when will I have time to get this gift", or "we don't have the money to be spending presents this year". Seriously folks. That shouldn't be what is in my mind this year. So a couple of weeks ago I stopped it. I've really just swept it aside and decided that it's not important. I wanted to share this video that has completely changed my thoughts on the matter. For me, it's always been more important to go to Church and celebrate the Lord, and just spend time with family, but this video made an impact on me for future years.

It's not only because things are tight for us (hey, we are just starting!) It is that this time becomes so stressful. So what can be done to change it?
Our solution:
Next year we won't be participating in gift exchanges. Not only do we not really have the money to buy a gift for the person we drew, in the big scheme of things, is that what really matters? We want to make the season for us to be completely about the Lord, love, family & friends. In place of one of our gift exchanges next year we will be having a big dinner (like Thanksgiving, but not present stress). Any money that we feel we can give will be going to a Charity - let's face it, they need it so much more than we do. Maybe we will even make some gifts, aren't those the best anyway!
Of course this won't be the case every year, but for next year, it's our plan. I know when we have kids (a long time from now!) things will be different.

This post wasn't to bring anyone down, or make people mad. Everyone has their own opinion on the matter (so please, no mean comments). I do think that giving gifts is a great way to show people you love them - however, when you don't really have the means to give them, why put so much stress on yourselves. Isn't the holidays really just about loving each other & celebrating our Lord.

So Merry Christmas. I hope it's a great one for you this year!
Love, Cassidy


Detrich Family

I *love* when a family "gets" it. When they get that it is so worth the time to take an hour or two and take photographs of your family - everyone changes so fast, why regret that you didn't do it sooner?! Diane "gets" it. After we photographed Ellie's senior pictures she started organizing a shoot for all her children. They are all in different places & so busy. The oldest lives out of state, one just spent a semester in Italy, and so on - they are busy! That didn't stop her though, she made it work.
The shoot was a blast - obviously, look at who I got to photograph. Beautiful & so stylish, I can't complain. I will however mention that it was freezing that day, the wind was awful - but fun never-the-less.
Have a great weekend! Christmas is just around the corner! - I guess I should start my shopping :)


sneak peak: detrich family

Just wanted to share an image from a shoot I just finished editing - love it!
More to come soon!
keep checking the blog - I have some exciting blog changes coming your way very, very soon!!!


it's snowing!

and it's really coming down! I thought I would post a little video of it for those that aren't getting any snow.
*Yes, Aunt Vikki - it's for you. Can't wait to see you next week!



a winter wedding

Since I have been meeting with such fabulous brides lately, I am so in wedding mode! I found this inspiration board on Snippet & Ink (my favorite wedding blog) and just thought it was so lovely! Just my style & perfect for this time of year! Have a wonderful wintry weekend!

*Oh, and if you don't have plans tomorrow evening, head over to my Church in Bainbridge! We are going to have a great evening of praise & worship! Email me if you are interested or need directions. Here is some info about it on facebook!


eek. it was my turn.

Yep, it was my turn in front of the camera. Every time I need a photo for something I have to dig through snapshots from over a year ago (I just don't get in front of the camera). So on Saturday when we were out photographing our new place, Justin decided that it was my turn to get a few headshots to use on the blog & other things.
So here is a sampling...I've got tons, but not tons of time to edit photos of myself...so these will have to do :)I really just love the snow coming down in this shot:

Of course Justin wasn't going to get off easy, his turn!The many faces of Justin:

Now, on to editing some fabulous sessions...

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